We understand what it means to own your own home and we’re dedicated to making the process as easy as possible. Whether you’re buying your first house, refinancing an existing one or finally getting your dream home, we will help you navigate the mortgage process so you can start focusing on making your new house, your home.

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Conventional mortgages are your standard traditional mortgages. They are not insured or guaranteed by the government like FHA, VA and USDA. Fixed and adjustable rates are available, however, fixed rates are the norm in today’s lending environment.

With 20% down you will have no monthly mortgage insurance and unlike government loans, there are no funding fees. However, with a down payment less than 20% you will incur monthly mortgage insurance premiums (you can put as little as 3% down).

Interest rates vary quite a bit on conventional loans because they are not guaranteed by the government. Credit score and down payment play a huge role in determining the interest rate you will receive. We are pleased to offer competitive rates and closing costs.


USDA Rural Housing Loans

The USDA loan program allows buyers to purchase a primary residence without a down payment while obtaining a favorable interest rate, often lower than other loan programs.

USDA borrowers pay an annual fee of 0.35% of the total loan amount. This fee is divided into 12 equal, monthly payments. USDA also charges a one-time, upfront funding fee of 1.0% of the loan amount, which can be rolled into the loan.

This program can be used on primary residences in qualifying rural areas. Annual household income limits apply and unlike other loan programs, daycare and other allowable expenses may be deducted to help you qualify. Our professional staff will help you navigate the eligibility process.